Summer fruits in Champagne Syrup

Here’s a really simple recipe for an amazing summer BBQ pudding. 
I’m new to Instagram and was flicking through my phone to find some nice food picture to upload.
I found these pictures from a Barbecue last summer and the colours jumped out at me.
This recipe can be easily adapted in a million ways but keep the core components and you can’t miss.

Step 1 of 1!
Take a selection of summer fruits and fresh herbs then layer them neatly in a deep oven proof dish. (Even though this is going to turn into a sticky fruit mess it does help if you make it neat)
I went with what we had in which was:

Sprinkle over the top:
Caster sugar
Tiny pinch of cinnamon
A couple of grinds of black pepper

Now cover this up and leave it until your guests arrive.
Late on in the evening when all the meat has been cooked and everyone’s stuffed – but the BBQ is still lovely and hot – put the dish onto the BBQ and pour on at least 1 bottle of Champagne (Don’t use anything too posh. The cheap stuff tends to be sweeter which helps the dish. Pour in enough Fizz to cover the dish and then…..just….wait.

I can’t tell you precise times for cooking as I have never been sober when serving this one, but as with most food it will tell you when it’s ready. The fruit and champagne liquid will become a thick bubbling syrup, and the smell will become almost TOO much to resist. It is most likely done when at least 60% of your guests have made a comment on the smell. I’d say between 25 minutes and an hour! Now take it off the fire and place in front of everyone. Put a load of bowls & spoons out and a tub of Vanilla ice cream and let people dig in.

The perfect way to end a Barbecue and the dish is always scraped clean!!


Fresh Sweet Portuguese Fruit
You don’t have to make it look pretty (but it helps)
On the coals you go
Adding the champagne
the most incredible smelling, sweet, sticky fruit pudding!!

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